Denis O’Hare, Sarah Paulson steal AHS: Hotel from Lady Gaga in the finale

Sure Lady Gaga just won a Golden Globe for her performance as The Countess on this season of AHS: Hotel, but it was Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor who stole the spotlight in tonight’s finale. 

Not gonna lie, when the episode started tonight I was seriously worried for Liz. After slaying Donovan (Matt Bomer) and nearly killing The Countess, her odds of surviving the series didn’t look good.

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And, well, she didn’t survive. But she did get an unexpected happily ever after.

Just try to tell me you weren’t reaching for the tissue box when she reunited with Tristan. Now that is a brilliantly written love story. Ryan Murphy should absolutely consider taking on romance in a more genre-specific way. Nicholas Sparks could definitely get interesting with the undead upgrade.

But it isn’t just the circumstances Murphy’s characters are in that make them so unique. It is the depth and the layers the show’s writers weave throughout the season that make the finale all the more rewarding.

Especially for Sally, who also got a sort of twisted happy ending herself. She replaced her needles with social media fame and found acceptance.

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I also love the not-so-subtle high five for the Internet in the finale, thanks to Sally’s story line. Like Iris said, now with YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and the others, no one ever has to feel alone. So for all the bad things the Internet brings like trolls and hackers and haters, it also gives people and ghosts a place to belong and feel loved.

This was definitely a super twisted happy ending episode. Not just for Sally but all the characters. It sort of reminded me of the way Asylum ended (which was Season 2, in case you forgot). It’s definitely happy and beautiful to the point that tears are shed. But it’s also crazy messed up when you think about it.

After all, what will become of all those spirits? Will The Countess spend forever just searching for a jawline as perfect as Donovan’s? Not that we blame her. Even living ladies do that. Especially when those jawlines look like Matt Bomer’s.

But I guess the point is that, despite the repeated events in their lives day after day, it’s OK because they have each other. And what are friends for if they can’t keep the killing, maiming and torturing exciting?

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Of course, we didn’t see much of The Countess in the finale. But the show was certain to send us off with a last look at her in the final scene. No doubt a nod to Lady Gaga’s amazing performance this season. And well deserved. The whole ensemble this season is without a doubt worthy of recognition. And I hope they get it. (You hear that Emmys?)

What was your favorite story line ending in the season finale of AHS: Hotel?


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