Duck Dynasty premiere shows off some serious parenting fails

Tonight’s Season 9 premiere of Duck Dynasty showed off some hilarious parenting fails that we can all relate to.

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The in-laws put a big damper on hunting

We started the night with Missy’s parents showing up out of the blue with their giant RV. And then Jase’s father-in-law suggests they all go quail hunting. The rest of the Robertsons were all for it. Jase, not so much. Mainly because his father-in-law was a “yuppy,” as he described it, and really didn’t have the know-how to actually shoot anything.

Snow cone marketing is not Willie’s strong suit

Next, we saw John Luke starting his snow cone business. Great idea! But not so great if the only people who show up are friends and family, right? Wrong. Especially when you’re the Robertsons and you have millions of Twitter followers.

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Willie Robertson told John Luke his snow cone marketing strategy was wrong. But John Luke insisted that if you tweet it out they will come. And come they did. By the afternoon, business was booming and Willie was put in his place. Of course, he didn’t admit that he was wrong and continued to refuse to give his family free snow cones. Luckily, John Luke knows better and his snow cones have the makings of a great summer gig.

Cheerleader makeup is a no-go

Lastly, we saw Jase attempting to do his daughter Mia’s makeup. Now, I never would have let my dad touch my face with a blush brush so Mia is a braver girl than I am. And rightly so, because her makeup ended up making her look like a “constipated doll,” in Mia’s own words.

More than discovering that Missy should never, ever go out of town again when Mia has a cheerleading competition, we learned that Mia should try her hand at comedy in her cheerleading off-season.

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Despite the all-too-amusing dad fails tonight, it ended up being pretty endearing. Because, well, such is family. And through all these fails, we walk away with a big appreciation for the hilarity that is parenthood.

Which Duck Dynasty parent fail did you think was the funniest in the Season 9 premiere?


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