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Gwen Stefani won’t be off The Voice for long

Gwen Stefani’s days on The Voice aren’t actually over.

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NBC, the network that airs the hit singing competition show, has revealed that even though Stefani has stepped down from her position as a judge on the show, she won’t be completely absent from the upcoming 10th season.

According to E! News, NBC presidents Bob Greenblatt and Paul Telegdy skimped on details when they hinted about Stefani’s return, but “NBC confirmed that Gwen will definitely be back at some point, and Greenblatt responded with a ‘maybe’ when asked if she might return as an adviser (maybe for Blake’s team?) for Season 10 this spring.”

Greenblatt continued, “We’re announcing those advisers in the next couple of weeks but she’s very close to the show.”

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Telegdy, who reportedly oversees production of The Voice, had nothing but good things to say about Stefani, who will be replaced as a judge by a returning Christina Aguilera in Season 10.

“We’d love to see Gwen back,” Telegdy said. “She’s a great friend of this network, we love her, the audience loves her, lots of people love her.”

And with how crazy viewers have seemingly gone over catching glimpses of Stefani’s flirty romance with fellow judge Blake Shelton on the show, who can blame NBC for wanting to hang onto her? It only makes sense to capitalize on the hottest Hollywood romance of the moment.

As for whether Stefani will return to her judge’s chair, producers were a little less optimistic.

“We don’t know yet,” Telegdy admitted. “We know what we’re doing in the spring, because the diva’s back, Christina’s coming back, and for the fall, we’ve got the Olympics, so I would only tease that yes, there will probably be some familiar faces. As I say, we like to switch it up, so I think there will be some fresh faces too.”

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