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Ben Higgins reveals who supported him through all the The Bachelor drama (PHOTO)

Ben Higgins knows who has the best advice.

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Higgins has definitely been keeping a calm, cool appearance so far on his season of the show, despite plenty of early drama from some of his ladies (Lace, anyone?). But now, a source close to the show has revealed that Higgins’ ride is about to get a whole lot bumpier.

Teasers for the season have long been promising one of the most drama-filled The Bachelor seasons yet, and it’s no surprise — Higgins is more of a catch than a lot of the Bachelors to come before him. It’s no wonder the women competing for his love are going to get a little crazy about things — they have one heck of a man to fight over. And when the going gets tough, it turns out that Higgins goes somewhere for encouragement that makes us love him even more: his mom.

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“Ben was so upset in the middle of filming that he was ready to quit a few times because of all the drama with the girls fighting,” a producer of the show told Life & Style magazine this week. “He needed a pep talk from his mom.”

The magazine also reveals that Higgins’ mom will be making another appearance on the show this season, when she returns in the final episodes to help him make his important choice.

The insider continued, “It was so stressful for Ben. There were many times where he didn’t know if he could continue the season.”

But with someone like Mom on his side, we’re sure Higgins is going to make it through without too much trouble. After all, moms know best.

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How cute is it that Higgins goes to his mom for dating advice? Head down to the comments to share your thoughts with us.

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