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Celebrity Big Brother in trouble for airing reaction to Bowie’s death

Angie Bowie wasn’t told of her ex-husband’s death on camera in the Celebrity Big Brother house, but the aftermath was televised, and it was shocking enough for the show to receive over 200 complaints from viewers.

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Media watchdog Ofcom told MailOnline that they had received the complaints in relation to Tuesday night’s episode of the reality TV show.

Specifically, viewers found scenes of 66-year-old Angie crying in the Diary Room after she learned of Bowie’s death to be inappropriate.

Further complaints were made in respect of the dramatic scenes between Angie and fellow CBB housemate, U.S. reality star Tiffany Pollard, when Tiffany completely misunderstood what had happened.

After confiding in John Partridge and David Gest, and agreeing to keep the news secret from the other housemates, Angie changed her mind and decided to tell Tiffany too.

However Tiffany misheard and thought another David had died — David Gest, who was currently tucked up in the bedroom.

To be fair, we can totally see how Tiffany jumped to that conclusion. Angie’s words to her were: “You gotta do me a favour — you can’t say a word. David’s dead.”

As Tiffany started to shriek, Angie said, “I love you… stop it! They’re all gonna know.”

“You’re playing, I know you’re joking,” Tiffany responded.

“Are you crazy? Would I do something like that to you?” Angie said, still thinking they were talking about her ex-husband. “It just happened now. Cancer. Please stay calm… This was not what I planned to do.”

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By this point, Tiffany was distraught, but pulled herself together long enough to declare: “We got to get everyone together… I feel sick. I need a drink.”

The two housemates still had their wires completely crossed when Angie returned to the Diary Room, at which point Tiffany rushed to the garden to tell the other housemates what she thought had happened.

“I can’t keep this a secret, she told me not to tell anybody… I’m not able to not tell anyone. I hope she’s just joking but she said she’s not, she told me that David is dead,” she blurted out.

The horrified housemates raced to the bedroom, where they found Gest alive and simply a little under the weather.

“David, she just told me that you’re dead!” yelled Tiffany.

As if that wasn’t dramatic enough, several housemates — still unaware of Bowie’s death — then turned on Tiffany for seemingly trying to convince them Gest was dead, including Danniella Westbrook, who called her “f***ing sick”.

Taking refuge in the Diary Room again, Angie told Big Brother: “It’s a mess! It’s a comedy of errors. I forgot that she screams; she started screaming. She didn’t know who I was talking about.

“She started giving me this look like I was an idiot, because I looked like I was crying. I looked like I was so weak and stupid that I was crying because I was sick. My pride made me not handle it correctly, yet again it developed into another drama.”

Seriously — you couldn’t script this stuff.

A spokesperson for CBB told MailOnline in a statement: “After being told of the tragic news off-camera yesterday by her own representative, Angie made the decision — entirely of her own accord — to remain in the Celebrity Big Brother House and to continue participating in filming. The option to leave the house remains open to Angie at any time. It is always the show’s aim to represent and reflect the day’s events accurately to viewers.”

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