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Mama June opens up about her teenage daughter’s controversial engagement

Most of us can’t even find a good man, but at 16 years old, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Lauryn Thompson (more commonly known as Pumpkin) has a big announcement — she’s engaged.

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Mama June confirmed the news to TMZ, revealing that Pumpkin got engaged to her boyfriend of nine months, Joshua Efird, on Dec. 23 while enjoying a romantic date at a seafood restaurant.

Efird went all out and presented Pumpkin with a lovely ring — a pretty silver band complete with a bright pink stone in the center — of which Pumpkin shared a picture via Instagram. While Mama June may have given her stamp of approval to the young couple, clearly those sentiments don’t extend to everyone.
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Pumpkin captioned the post with a lengthy comment, telling those that have nothing nice to say to back off. She wrote, “If you have nothing nice to say please do not tag me in it or comment on any of my post. There is a block button or even a unfriend button as well. YES I am engaged at the age 16 with Josh Efird. If you aren’t happy then please don’t comment. If you don’t agree with it then don’t comment okay. Me & Josh are getting married once I turn 18. For those of you saying that we won’t last please let us prove you wrong. I’ve never in my life felt the love I do for this young man for anyone. Josh has he’s ducks in a row. He has his own business, he has his own car, and he treats me with the respect I deserve. So once again please unfriend me if you do not agree with it.” [sic]

Comments on the post include, “I think 16 is far too young to be engaged. You haven’t learned about yourself or him yet, and you’re both going to change over time. With that being said, I do wish you the best of luck!” “woah lol,” [sic] and “As long as yoo two are OK waiting till your 18 OK just. Make sure you get to know one another.” [sic]

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Not exactly a warm reception, but there are plenty of other people who have congratulated the young couple and revealed they are routing for them.

But don’t expect to see images of their nuptials anytime soon, because even though the age of consent in Georgia is 16, Pumpkin and Efird plan to take things slow and will be waiting until she turns 18 before getting hitched, and the pair will be saving themselves for marriage.

Are you surprised that Pumpkin is already engaged? Or are you happy for her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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