Andrea Barber had the sweetest reason for returning to TV for Fuller House

Andrea Barber, aka Kimmy Gibbler, hasn’t been in front of a camera since Full House

But according to People, she didn’t even think about turning down the opportunity to act in the reunion.

“I had a great experience as a child. I love the craft, I just don’t really like the business,” said Barber. “The marketing of yourself, going out on auditions and the unpredictability of the profession is really hard on my family life. It’s just a really tough business.”

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After Full House ended in 1995, Barber went to college, got a Master’s in women’s studies, got married and had two children. She’s had a normal life, but she sounds ready to return to acting for Fuller House.

“I came back to this business simply for Fuller House,” she says. “It was a dream come true. I didn’t have to audition for the show and I get to work with people I already know and love! I feel very fortunate.”

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Staying away from the business doesn’t mean she was scared to return. According to People, Barber had a great time on set and was thrilled to reunite with her work family. “Working together again on the same set that we grew up on, we just had a blast. That was absolutely the best part of doing the show, getting to spend so much time with Candace and Jodie [Sweetin]. There aren’t that many people who can relate to my personal childhood. The three of us shared this unique history.”

Barber has been living a normal, civilian life in the years between Full and Fuller House. She’s currently training for her fourth marathon and has completed 26(!) half-marathons. Which is something we should all try… after we watch Fuller House.

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