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A photo of Beyoncé at Blue Ivy’s birthday sparks pregnancy rumors, again

While a photo may be worth a thousand words, a new photo of Beyoncé may be sparking one big rumor.

A new photo surfaced of Beyoncé wearing a white shirt while at Duff’s Cake Mix, a do-it-yourself cake and cupcake decorating studio. She was there celebrating her daughter Blue Ivy’s 4th birthday.

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In the photo, there appears to be a bulge around Beyoncé’s middle, which has fans salivating that a new baby Carter may be on the way.

@BK4JZ tweeted, “OK that time it’s pretty clear, she’s pregnant.”

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I say, “Not so fast!” Given that she’s in a cake and cupcake decorating studio, it could easily be a carb-overload bump. We’ve all been there.

The shirt appears to be more like a sweatshirt, so it could easily be from a weird fold of her shirt combined with a high-waisted pant.

Of course, it could also be the sign of a future music superstar set to debut in 2016.

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It’s really far too difficult to say. Beyoncé and Jay Z are ultra-private and held off on announcing Beyoncé’s first pregnancy until it was too difficult for her to continue to hide the bump.

In an interview with Oprah in 2013, Beyoncé revealed that she kept her pregnancy with Blue Ivy a secret because she had suffered a miscarriage in the past. “It’s one of the reasons I did not share I was pregnant the second time and… it was hard. So many people go through it, and at the end I have my daughter and there is hope and I feel so fortunate.”

In the interview, she told Oprah that she wanted more kids with husband Jay Z, saying, “I definitely want another child, but it was also important for me to do what I love, and I love to perform. I love to make music so I wanted to have my daughter. Maybe after the next tour I’ll have another baby.”

The tour is over, but given Beyoncé’s reticence to reveal her pregnancy with Blue Ivy, we’re probably going to have to wait for a while for confirmation from the Carters. Or until Kanye goes to an awards show, jumps onstage and shouts it to the world.

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