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Dance Moms‘ Abby Lee Miller irresponsibly criticizes 11-year-old girl

It’s no secret that Abby Lee Miller likes to play favorites, but tonight on Dance Moms, she went up against her favorite mom and the sister of her golden child. Could Mackenzie Ziegler be the new Chloe Lukasiak?

From Chloe Lukasiak to Nia Frazier, several dancers have been unfortunate enough to wind up on Abby Lee Miller’s bad side. Miller typically treats the Ziegler girls better than she treats her other students, but even the Zieglers do not receive equal opportunity favoritism. Miller much prefers Maddie to Mackenzie — she made that much clear during tonight’s episode of Dance Moms.

Mackenzie Ziegler
Image: Lifetime

The tension between Miller and Melissa Gisoni (Maddie and Mackenzie’s mom) began almost immediately. Although tonight wasn’t the first time Miller made disparaging remarks about her little acro star, it was one of the first times Gisoni stood up for her younger daughter. Unfortunately, the more Gisoni spoke out, the worse Miller treated her new Ziegler victim.

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Although Miller offered up some good critiques about feet and lengthening through extensions, she also gave some unsolicited feedback about Ziegler’s attitude, referring to her as a smartass. Gisoni found this statement incredibly problematic and begged Miller to treat her daughter with a little more respect.

Abby Lee
Image: Lifetime

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In addition to using a swear word to describe her student, Miller screwed up by accusing Ziegler of being an immature dancer and then giving her immature dance choreography. She later justified this by claiming that Ziegler needed better technique and that a mature dance would not allow her to focus as much on her weak ankles. Either way, Miller’s statement about mature dancing completely went out the window when she decided to give Ziegler a cutesy solo and dress her in pajamas and pigtails. The goal of this solo was to pay homage to the popular Ziegler quote about staying home and eating potato chips. But all it did was once again make Ziegler look like a little girl.

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Near the end of the episode, Ziegler finally had a chance to speak her mind. She complained that the dance was way too cutesy for her. Several Twitter users chimed in, and all agreed that the youthful choreography and costuming was a bad idea.

The drama between Miller and Gisoni appears to be just beginning, and if tonight’s episode is any indication, this drama will largely be centered around poor Mackenzie Ziegler. She’s no longer one of Miller’s favorites, so Ziegler will have to find a way to shine on her own, in spite of the constant negativity.

What did you think of Mackenzie Ziegler’s couch-based dance? Comment and share your opinion below.

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