Pretty Little Liars cast dishes about the new relationships in 6B

Pretty Little Liars is about to break our hearts when the show returns with the second half of Season 6 tonight.

Get ready, because the show is destroying our relationship dreams.

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“There are going to be some new romantic relationships that you would have never guessed and it causes some serious rifts, so that’ll be dramatic to see for sure,” teased Janel Parrish, who plays Mona on the show.

Troian Bellisario confirmed that Spencer and Caleb will be getting way more flirty than we ever wanted or imagined. And she and Toby are definitely a thing of the past. But it might not be such a bad thing.

“The cool thing about Spencer and Caleb, I think, is that they’ve always been such incredible friends. They’ve really taken care of each other and they trust each other.”

Bellisario added that we really saw their compatibility for the first time when Caleb returned to Rosewood after his time in Ravenswood. He had turned to drinking and Spencer was the one who really snapped him out of it when Hanna let her demons get the best of her, too.

“They really complement each other,” Bellisario explained. “And they always really held each other to a different standard.”

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Bellisario thinks that viewers will be pleasantly surprised to see that their relationship has evolved into something more, especially given their friendship history.

Lucy Hale also revealed that things between Ezra and Aria will be interesting, to say the least.

“In the first episode back, I think it’s pretty obvious that Ezra and Aria have not seen each other. When Aria left for college they, sort of, left it for what it was. But, you know, they have this undeniable chemistry.”

Hale couldn’t tell if they were going to reunite as the season progresses, but she did tease that she’s been an Ezria fan since the beginning, so she’s hopeful like the rest of us.

Even Parrish told us that things between Mona and Mike are nonexistent.

“So far I have not seen any love interests. She’s too busy trying to take over the world,” Parrish joked, sort of. Because Mona is, after all, working in politics after the five-year time jump.

She added, “She’s trying to snoop into the other girls’ lives and figure out what’s happening. She’s a master at that. She don’t need a man! But I hope one day. It’s kind of nice to see a softer side of Mona in that way, and I really liked the Mike and Mona relationship. We’ll see if that comes back eventually.”

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Of course, just because none of our favorite couples start Season 6B together, doesn’t mean they won’t find their way back to one another.

Which couple are you most upset to see broken up in Pretty Little Liars‘ return tonight?


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