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The X-Files spoilers: Could love still be in the air for Scully and Mulder?

Scully and Mulder: They go together like peanut butter and jelly, right? They may be highly complicated and super dysfunctional peanut butter and jelly, but they are a delicious sandwich nonetheless.

So when the news broke that the two would no longer be a hot-and-heavy item when the new The X-Files revival debuts on Fox on Jan. 24, fans’ hearts, hopes and dreams all collectively broke at the same time.

But Gillian Anderson just gave us a little optimism by opening the door on a possible romance between the two beloved characters somewhere in the future, after all.

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Part of what is enticing about the duo is the fact that they are against each other,” Anderson said with a laugh to E! News. “At the same time they are for each other… It’s just too domestic a scenario to have it being that they live in the same house, and they go home every night to the same house while they’re doing The X-Files during the day. It leaves a much more intriguing and interesting dynamic to have us still maybe be in love and have that spark going, that question mark.

“I think at the end, I think at the very end they absolutely belong together, but it’s a long road,” Anderson added.

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Noah Calhoun pretty much sums up our sentiments about a Scully-Mulder reunion perfectly.

The Notebook GIF
Image: Giphy

And it still isn’t over. I mean, just look at these action shots from an upcoming episode. The look of love is definitely still there.

X-Files stills
Image: Ed Araquel/Fox
X-Files stills
Image: Ed Araquel/Fox

Anderson also wasn’t denying the possibility of more The X-Files to come after the six-episode event airs.

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“From what I hear, it’s a good beginning,” Anderson said of the finale episode, which she had yet to read at the time of her interview with E! News. “Which I guess in the end can be an equally good ending. You know, if the question mark is so big.”

Do you think there’s a possibility of sparks flying between Scully and Mulder in the The X-Files revival?

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