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The Bachelor‘s Ben Higgins explains why he’s still keeping Lace around

Viewers already know who the “crazy” one is on this season of The Bachelor.

Looks like Lace Morris, aka the one with the pony, will be here for another week.

In his weekly postshow blog on, Higgins admits that he knew keeping Lace around would be an issue.

“I know Lace and my decision to keep Lace has been the subject of a lot of discussion, but I saw in my conversations with her what a sweet and sincere woman she seemed to be. So despite some hiccups on night one, I viewed this as a new day and a fresh start with Lace.”

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Higgins, a Bachelor vet, defends the show’s time-honored tradition of the group date. He writes, “Whomever I marry is not going to only be with me all the time. I have a group of friends and co-workers and I want my wife to get along and be able to have fun in a group setting. I also wanted the girls on teams so I can see how they work together, as teamwork is required in any relationship.” (I was also contractually obligated to date them all at once….)

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He then goes into his reasons for maybe cutting Lace and Jubilee, before ultimately deciding to keep them both. “That’s why Lace and Jubilee’s struggles concerned me. They really seemed to be having a hard time coming together, and while I didn’t want to put too much stock in it, it was definitely something I thought I should keep an eye on moving forward.”

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