Downton Abbey‘s surprise guest paves the way for an emotional final season

Finally, after much conversation, planning, awkward talks on Mrs. Patmore’s part and Lady Mary backing down to give Mrs. Hughes the wedding she wanted, Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes said “I do” during Sunday’s episode. So, does this mean Mrs. Hughes is now Mrs. Carson? Nothing against Carson’s surname, but I prefer Mrs. Hughes, because that’s who she’ll always be to me. 

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Anyways, as exciting and lovely as their wedding was, a certain someone definitely stole the show at the end. If Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes’ nuptials didn’t put a tear in your eye, I bet that surprise wedding guest did.

It’s official: Branson is back! During Mr. Carson’s speech at the reception, Branson and Sybbie snuck in and surprised everyone, including viewers. Admittedly, a tear or two might’ve escaped my eye upon seeing Branson. It’s been way too long. Thank goodness his time in Boston didn’t work out, because now he is back for good — and for the remainder of Season 6. Now that’s how you make a final season successful.

Tom Branson
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After a short amount of time in America, Branson finally realized that his home isn’t away from the Crawleys, but with them at Downton. Really, Branson? It took you this long to finally realize that? Well, if him sailing off to Boston was necessary to recognize just that, then I guess his trip was a good thing. I’m just glad he is back where he belongs.

As he told Lady Mary and the others during Carson and Hughes’ wedding reception, “I can stay as long as you want me.” Obviously, he is more than welcome and the Crawleys couldn’t be more thrilled to have Branson and Sybbie back by their sides. After being asked why he’s returned, Branson said, “I had to go all the way to Boston to figure something out. Well, that’s what I did. I learned that Downton is my home and that you are my family.”

Oh, Branson, you know how to make my heart melt. Seriously, this is the best wedding gift ever. Plus, this also means more opportunities for Sybbie to call Lord Grantham “Donk.”

If a surprise return like Branson’s made me emotional, I can only imagine what the remaining episodes will make me feel. So far, Downton‘s final season is an unforgettable one, and all thanks to Branson’s grand entrance.

I’m ready to see what else Season 6 has in store for viewers, but here’s hoping an entire box of tissues isn’t needed. If the tissues are needed for happy tears, great. However, I’m not sure I can handle any more heartbreak. Whatever the case, the final season is surely going to be a memorable one.

Downton Abbey airs Sundays at 9/8c on PBS.

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