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The Bachelor: 4 Details that prove Olivia might not be Ben’s best match

Sure, The Bachelor‘s Olivia Caridi is way attractive, and she and Ben have some chemistry that science can apparently prove. But are they really a good match?

Her actions when Ben isn’t around suggest the love test during the group date tonight might not actually prove accurate when one party is being manipulative.

Side note: I’m still heartbroken for Sam, who was dubbed “Sour Sam” after Ben described her scent as “sour.” Poor girl! And then, to rub salt on her wound, Ben sent her home!

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But back to Olivia. Here are some reasons we’ve found why science isn’t the answer for love on The Bachelor this season.

1. Her behind-the-scenes attitude

“I don’t really know what rose ceremonies are,” Caridi quipped after she got the group date rose.

When Ben isn’t around, Caridi’s true colors come out. And they weren’t very nice. Rather, she seemed a little pompous. Of course, it could be that she’s just this season’s Britt (a la Chris Soules’ season). Or she could just really be not a nice person.

2. She dumped her last boyfriend to go on The Bachelor

Sure she might have known the relationship wasn’t going anywhere, but it seems pretty flippant of her to dump one guy for another she hasn’t even met yet.

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Of course, keep in mind, this is just a Twitter rumor as of now.

3. Chris Harrison seems to think her motives are dirty

According to StarPulse, Chris Harrison said fans should watch out for Caridi because he thinks she doesn’t have the right reasons for appearing on the show.

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4. She “lost” her Instagram

According to Caridi herself, she “lost” her previous Instagram right around the same time the contestants for Season 20 were announced. Coincidence or is she hiding something?

She also restarted her Twitter on Dec. 7, as well. Uh, it’s definitely suspicious.

Do you think Olivia Caridi is actually manipulating Ben for her own fame gain?

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