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The Vampire Diaries boss may have just made our Klaus/Caroline dreams come true

Just because The Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline (Candice Accola) is pregnant and set to marry Alaric, doesn’t mean things between her and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) are over.

The Vampire Diaries boss Julie Plec revealed during an interview with Variety that a crossover is definitely coming this season between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries.

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Stefan (Paul Wesley) will be heading to The Originals for a two-episode crossover.

And though Plec didn’t say specifically that Caroline would join him in New Orleans, she did tease, “There is a presence of Caroline buried within that, but I can’t really say in what context.”

I’ve maintained my Klaroline love for multiple seasons now, through thick and thin and despite the sad fact that Klaus (Joseph Morgan) went and got his own show. And by “sad,” I mean sad for us Klaroline lovers, even though The Originals is a great show.

Despite all of the odds stacked against these two, especially at this point in their respective shows, I refuse to give up hope that they will, ultimately, be each other’s end game just like Klaus promised Caroline.

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Of course, this “presence of Caroline” Plec promised could be as simple as Stefan telling Klaus that Caroline is pregnant. It could be as juicy as Stefan and Klaus getting into a fight over her. Or it could be better than we ever hoped for in that Caroline actually makes an appearance.

I’m guessing it’s somewhere in the middle, meaning the punches will be pulled.

Plec also gave some more specifics about why Stefan will need to escape to New Orleans for a bit.

She revealed, “Stefan will go to New Orleans in a Vampire Diaries episode and then he will remain in New Orleans in The Originals to help Klaus deal with a problem that is super specific to Stefan’s survival.”

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Most likely, it has to do with the sire line The Originals has been exploring this season. Since Stefan comes from Klaus’ sire line, if Klaus dies so does Stefan. So it’s Stefan to save the day! We hope. With lots of Klaroline in between.

How do you think Caroline will be involved in the upcoming crossover episode?

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