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The Biggest Loser contestant’s bad attitude gets a feisty response

The Biggest Loser has had its fair share of feisty contestants over the years, but Felicia Buffkin is one of the most outspoken. During tonight’s episode, her scathing critique of Dolvett Quince prompted a heated response on Twitter. Already, it’s obvious that viewers are ready to bid Buffkin adieu. 

Every season, at least one Biggest Loser contestant blames his or her slow weight loss on the trainer. Tonight, the culprit was Buffkin, who claimed that Quince’s failure to help his team gel had prevented her from reaching her true potential as a contestant. This accusation arrived after a contentious session in the gym, followed by a very disappointing weigh-in.

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During the first weigh-in of the episode, it was revealed that Buffkin had only lost four pounds. Suffice to say, she was not pleased. But while the evening’s disappointments convinced the other dissatisfied contestants to engage in a little introspection, Buffkin decided that it was easier to place the blame on everybody but herself.

Felicia Buffkin
Image: NBC

The crazy thing is, in spite of all this drama, Buffkin did far better than some of her fellow contestants during the night’s first weigh-in. Hope Wright only lost two pounds and Whitney Clay didn’t lose any weight at all. Ultimately, Clay was sent home. As expected, Buffkin blamed this unfortunate elimination on Quince. If anything, she was angrier about Clay’s exit than Clay was!

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From the moment she appeared on the premiere, it was obvious that Buffkin was not destined to be this season’s most popular contestant. People didn’t like her last week, but her reputation was harmed even more after she butted heads with Quince one time to many. Tonight, she was attacked mercilessly on Twitter by several haters who gleefully used the catchphrase “Bye, Felicia.”

Unfortunately for Buffkin’s new batch of haters, she’s going to stick around for at least one more week. Thus, viewers had best prepare themselves for another week of bickering between Buffkin and Quince. Although her relationship with Quince seemed to improve slightly after the initial weigh-in drama, the peace isn’t expected to last long.

Felicia Buffkin
Image: NBC

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What Buffkin fails to understand is that Quince has her best interest at heart. The only reason he is pushing her so hard is because he believes it’s the best way to help her reach her full potential. If he didn’t care about her, he wouldn’t bother to get on her case. Yes, his training style could use a little tweaking for this particular group, but ultimately, Buffkin needs to take responsibility for herself.

Were you ready to say “Bye, Felicia” after tonight’s episode? Or do you think she makes a good point about Dolvett Quince? Comment and share your opinion below.

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