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Should Vanderpump Rules‘ Kristen Doute be allowed back in the group?

Each new episode of Vanderpump Rules brings the same old fight Kristen Doute, Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix will probably have for the rest of their lives. That’s just good reality TV, I guess. As has been repeatedly discussed throughout Season 4, everyone at SUR (Stassi Schroeder, too) is basically BFFs with Kristen again. However, that doesn’t mean her ex-boyfriend Tom and nemesis Ariana are going to hop on the bandwagon of “We forgive Kristen! Forgiveness is great and so is Kristen! Let’s show everyone how mature we are!” 

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Now that it’s finally been decided that Kristen will not be joining Jax Taylor and Tom’s birthday trip to Hawaii, everything is all good, right? No, definitely not. Jax, Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney are still campaigning for Kristen to be a part of their group and for Ariana and Tom to stop being so selfish and just forgive her already.

No matter what Ariana and Tom say or do in defense of not wanting to be friends and/or hanging out with Kristen, the trio of Kristen supporters doesn’t care, because they’ve basically let her rejoin the group already. As Kristen told Tom, she isn’t going anywhere, especially now that Katie and Schwartz are engaged. She even declared that she’s helping Katie with the wedding. Maybe Katie and Schwartz can use Kristen’s T-shirt line as wedding favors?

The happy couple doesn’t have any say about Kristen coming back into the fold. Everyone has pretty much decided without really listening to either of Ariana or Tom’s arguments. They aren’t going to win their case of why Kristen should stay gone for good.

Kristen Doute
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As much as I don’t agree with Kristen’s past behavior and get annoyed every time Scheana and Katie tell Ariana and Tom they’re just like Stassi, if they want to be friends with Kristen again, fine. Does it suck for Tom and Ariana (mainly Ariana, because she and Scheana are super close)? Totally. Just don’t force-feed Ariana and Tom your “Kristen is totally cool” line every five seconds. They’ve dealt with so much crap from Kristen and who can blame them for not wanting to be friends with her? Why would Tom want to hang out with his ex-girlfriend who treated him horribly? Why would Ariana want to chill with her current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend who wished Ariana would once get hit by a truck? I sure wouldn’t.

Granted, Kristen did apologize to Ariana for her meanness and antics, but Ariana wasn’t having it. Ariana is so not buying a ticket to Kristen’s “apology tour.” She’d rather keep her life free of Kristen. As a longtime friend of Ariana’s, Scheana should respect her wishes. Their friendship is going to go downhill even further if neither Ariana or Scheana can find some common ground about Kristen.

I get that Scheana and everyone else just want Ariana and Tom to not act uncomfortable when Kristen is around and put negative energy out during group settings, but how can they not? It’s really hard to forgive and forget all of the things that Kristen has done. Like Tom said, “Actions have consequences.”

Basically, friendships are on the line and who is to blame? Kristen. They all had better figure something out quick or these SUR-vers might not be taking anymore ridiculous group trips where Jax ends up in jail.

Vanderpump Rules airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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