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Judges make new decision in Josh Duggar lawsuit


The court has sided against Duggar in the early stages of porn star and sex worker Danica Dillon’s lawsuit against him. Dillon is suing Duggar for battery. Duggar’s defense has changed: In previous months, he had claimed that he had never even met Dillon. New documents reveal that he was one of her clients.

Dillon is accusing Duggar of $500,000 worth of physical and emotional injury during their two paid sex sessions. Duggar filed a motion to compel her to release her evidence.

According to Radar Online, Judge Mark A. Kearney has denied Duggar’s motion to compel Dillon’s “initial disclosures,” which would include her medical treatment costs and employment information.

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Radar has obtained Duggar’s court filings, which beg the court to release Dillon’s evidence. “Presumably, if this matter is of such importance to her that she would file a public complaint, make accusations about Defendant on national television and demand more than half a million dollars, producing some documentation of her losses and injuries and the names of people who have knowledge about her allegations within the time set by this Court and required by its rules should be feasible. In fact, Defendant believes it should be a priority.”

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Duggar remains in the rehab facility Reformers Unanimous in Utah, where rumor has it his family has visited him in a filmed appearance for TLC.

Both parties will be present at a pretrial conference on Jan. 21.

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