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Farrah Abraham embarrasses herself with latest party move

Here’s a good rule to follow: If you’re not invited to the party, don’t go. It seems obvious, unless you’re Farrah Abraham. 

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Farrah, I want to root for you. I really do. I want to believe that you act this way because you’re hurting, that you did porn/”wrote” erotica/came up with that sex toy line because you wanted to connect with your sexuality, which you were totally shamed for as a young woman, and that you genuinely are interested in doing your very best for Sophia. But most of the time? It’s impossible to defend you.

On Monday’s new Teen Mom OG, Farrah found out she was no longer invited to the fanciest of Hamptons gatherings, the White Party. Apparently, the organizers of the event felt she was “too controversial” (way to be diplomatic, organizers). Although Debra told Farrah that the reason for her retracted invitations was most likely her sex tape, Farrah decided that it was actually because of her association with Teen Mom, not hesitating for a single second to consider if it might be a bad idea to say this in front of the producers and other people who make sure she gets paid for being on the show. (It also begs the question of why Farrah came back to the show if it’s so terrible.) 

So what does one do when their dreams of attending a fancy Hamptons party are quashed due to their questionable reputation? Well, if you’re Farrah, you go anyway, get kicked out after four minutes, and then go home and tell your very impressionable daughter about it, urging her to do the same thing should she ever find herself under similar circumstances.

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I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a group of people who hate anything as much as people on Twitter hate Farrah, and I spend a lot of time on the Internet. Fans of the show could not wait to correct Farrah on why she was actually uninvited to the party and to berate her for the conversations she chooses to have in front of Sophia.

There are so many reasons why Farrah was asked not to attend the White Party — she’s not exactly known for her ability to de-escalate dramatic situations, for example. The thing is, though, Farrah is her own human. She’s not a cautionary tale against teen parenting; she’s not what automatically happens to you if you decide to parent beginning in your teens. She has a specific set of problems that would have been actualized whether she’d had a kid in high school or not. She’s not a reason to continue to stigmatize teen moms and teen parenting. Farrah is on TV because she behaves outrageously, and she’ll stay there until either people get bored with her (which, arguably, has already happened) or until she stops acting like this. Either way, she shouldn’t be everyone’s excuse to trash those who made a choice to parent young. And while you’re waiting for Farrah to evaporate from the media’s eye, try not to crash any parties.

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What do you think is behind Farrah’s outrageous behavior? Why do you think she’s still on Teen Mom?

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