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Jennifer Lawrence labeled ‘rude’ for calling out reporter at Golden Globes (VIDEO)

To know of Jennifer Lawrence is to love her. The hilarious blonde isn’t just uber-talented and insanely down to earth, she’s just so dang likable. But on Sunday at the Golden Globes, Jennifer Lawrence’s snippy comments to a reporter seriously annoyed people. She may have been trying to just be funny, but Lawrence’s words did come off a tad harsh. 

While talking to reporters after her win for Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical for her movie, Joy, Lawrence scolded a reporter for looking at his phone while talking to her. Lawrence seemed to be half-joking, but, as with most jokes, there no doubt was a shred of truth to what she said.

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Here’s the video:

The reporter seems to take what Lawrence says in stride and laughs off her comments — as do the rest of the reporters. But Lawrence has been the subject of criticism by many people who feel that she was too harsh.

Here are a few comments that came in after the video appeared on Facebook:

jennifer lawrence
Image: Facebook
jennifer lawrence
Image: Facebook

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There are many more comments like this, so yeah. People didn’t seem too amused. And here are a few thoughts from people on the always-supportive Twitter:

It isn’t easy figuring out who’s “right” in this situation — especially since most of us weren’t there. On the one hand, the reporter, who clearly spoke English as a second language, could have been using his phone for pronunciations or to read his questions; but on the other, he could have been texting or looking at something completely unrelated. In which case, rude.

Lawrence would have had every right to “scold” him if that was the case. But, if it were the former situation, that’s when things get a little sticky. If the guy was using his phone as a tool for his notes or a translation, Lawrence’s comments were a bit harsh — and the person who remarked on Facebook that if someone “unlikable” like Justin Bieber or a Kardashian would have done that, they would have been virtually crucified.

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However, being that the whole exchange seemed to be on the more lighthearted side, it’s doubtful that Lawrence was intentionally being a “diva” or, as many have called her, “rude.” We only saw a small snippet of the exchange — and one side of it at that — so it’s probably wise to give her the benefit of the doubt. (Especially given her track record.)

Image: Giphy

Being that Lawrence is always so open, if this was anything more than the actress jokingly calling someone out for being on their phone, we’ll likely hear from her. Think what you want of her, but she certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of person who tries to make excuses.

Perhaps the reporter, who hasn’t come forward with his name, and Lawrence will get the opportunity to make amends at another point during awards season. Hopefully, he’ll be off his phone, and she won’t throw any snappy comments his way. Maybe the two will patch things up in February at the Academy Awards. Or as he may refer to them, the Golden Globes.

What do you think of Jennifer Lawrence’s comments?

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