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6 Best Julianna Margulies scenes from The Good Wife

Julianna Margulies is — undoubtedly — an amazing actress. Picking only a few of her best scenes is like finding a needle in a haystack. However, listed below are six beautiful shades of Julianna in the role of Alicia in The Good Wife. Let us walk down memory lane. 

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1. The vulnerable wife’s image

Although the courtroom scene of the episode “Threesome” — in which she asks the founding partner, Jonas Stern, to sit down — is incredible, I cannot get over her acting in the scene where she meets Peter. In this scene, she asks Peter to take care of his “prostitute,” Amber. She comes in strong, but gradually her eyes tear up. Words cannot do justice in describing her spectacular performance. She plays the image of a vulnerable wife flawlessly.

2. The devious lawyer

Alicia’s shrewd side in the episode “Boom” is worthy of applause. She is in the courtroom with Jonas Stern. Alicia is representing the editor of a newspaper, Charles Clay, and Jonas is playing the role of an attorney of the widow of the Managing Director of it. Long story short, Alicia does not see any sign of victory against Stern. Following the advice of Kalinda to use her knowledge of Stern’s medical condition — dementia — against him in the courtroom, Alicia keeps interrupting Stern’s questioning to her client, Mr. Clay. This tactic throws Stern off his game during the trial. Alicia’s strategy works, and he gets confused. During this time, Alicia throws her— lesser known — devious looks towards Kalinda and amazes her fans everywhere.

3. The sensitive mother

Although Alicia acted the perfect mother image throughout The Good Wife series, her best portrayal of the caring mother is in the episode “In Sickness.” In this episode, Alicia discovers that Peter slept with Kalinda. She decides to part ways with Peter. While breaking this news to her kids, she tries to compose herself. However, when Grace says,”You should protect us more,” she bursts into tears. Throughout the scene, I could not take my eyes off her face. She gives a memorable performance.

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4. Annoyed Alicia

In the episode “Cleaning House,” Alicia notices that the judge is biased against her. In the middle of a trial, he tells Alicia that he wants the female counsels to wear skirts and not pantsuits. Obviously, she does not like the comment, but she does not respond to it. Next day, the judge calls the counsels to his bench to discuss something. Once the discussion is over, he asks them to step away from the bench to continue the trial. To his surprise, Alicia does not step back. Instead, she says to him, “So, is my skirt short enough for you?” During this scene, Alicia’s annoyed look is priceless.

5. Frustrated daughter-in-law

In the episode “Get a Room,” Alicia has played the role of an irritated daughter-in-law brilliantly. When she discovers that Jackie is snooping around to grab custody of her kids, she loses it. When Jackie tries to unlock the door, Alicia opens the door from inside and confronts her. She is the funniest when she goes to Zach and asks him, “Jackie drives you over to Dad’s now?” On getting an affirmative response from him, she tells him to grab his coat. Nobody could have guessed the next thing she says. She adds, “Let’s buy you a car.” Alicia played an excellent role of a daughter-in-law who is tired of her mother-in-law’s games.

6. Playful side of Alicia

In the episode “Red Team, Blue Team,” Will and Diane ask Alicia and Cary to prosecute against them in a mock trial. The playful look on Alicia’s face is contagious. I found myself smiling while watching the “playful” Alicia. Julianna knows how to have fun with the role, whenever she gets a chance.

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