Galavant: Has Madalena finally met her match?

It’s only the second episode, but the competition for Galavant‘s best couple is already intense… and we have to give tonight’s win to Madalena and Gareth for totally (creepily) deserving each other.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

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Is it just us, or did tonight’s episode of Galavant give you hope that Madalena’s heart isn’t completely stone-cold? The fact that we got to see the pauper-turned-super-evil-queen try so desperately to fit in with the medieval equivalent of the Mean Girls, before she sang “Is this a feeling?” makes me think that maybe she’s not a lost cause… yet.

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Then there’s Gareth who, tortured by guilt (even if he doesn’t believe in guilt) over stealing the crown, is having terrible nightmares. So of course we’re rooting for him, even though he’s kind of a bully… and then, when he uses his bully powers to cut the ears off the mean girls? Total “Awwwww” moment, in that “These two are so wrong in all the right ways together!” kind of way.

Of course, Chef and Gwynne knocked it out of the park again tonight with yet another hilarious song about their lives together — this time bemoaning how difficult life has become now that they’re living the “high life” in the castle. These two just cannot help but steal the show every time they’re on!

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King Richard was adorable again this week after reuniting with his childhood friend Bobbie… a fiery red-headed warrior woman who looks like she just might be the perfect substitute for Madalena now that the king has been proven to be a major softie!

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Ahh, love — it’s all over Galavant this season, except for poor Galavant himself. Here’s hoping the wayward and lovesick knight reunites with Isabella soon… preferably before she marries her creepy little cousin, because, eww!


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