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Shadowhunters: ‘Is Valentine Clary’s father?’ and 12 other premiere questions

Not only did Pretty Little Liars return Tuesday night with its Season 6B premiere, but the highly-anticipated Season 1 premiere of Shadowhunters finally aired. After a lot of talk, press and teasers, Clary Fray made her debut alongside her fellow Shadowhunters, scary Downworlders, oblivious mundanes and many more interesting characters.

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As someone who’s never read the books, I was thoroughly intrigued by the first episode. It had many elements I look for in a TV show, including the supernatural, badass fight scenes, a really beautiful cast and many mysteries that I look forward to solving.

That said, and just like PLL, the premiere left many questions unanswered. I guess that means I’ll just have to keep watching until they are answered. Here are just a few of the ones running through my mind and keeping me up at night. Good work, Shadowhunters. Good work.

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1. Is Valentine Clary’s father?

Clary says her mother doesn’t have any family and that her father is dead. However, Valentine’s facial expression upon learning Jocelyn has a child was quite telling. Could Clary be his daughter?

2. Why are the demons like the Leviathans from Supernatural?

Seriously, why do the demons have to be so creepy? I couldn’t take looking at Supernatural‘s Leviathans, and I’m not going to be able to handle these Downworlders.

3. Is Clary’s mom dead or under a sleeping spell?

It doesn’t appear that Jocelyn is dead, but after drinking that potion, she is immobile. I guess she’s under some type of sleeping spell to protect Clary and to keep the Mortal Cup safe.

4. What is the Mortal Cup?

Speaking of the Mortal Cup, what the heck is it? Clearly, it is important, but why? Does it have something to do with mortality and/or immortality?

5. Will Clary end up with Jace or Simon?

Obviously, Simon has feelings for his BFF and there is a strong connection/attraction between Jace and Clary. So, who will she end up with? Uh oh. It’s another The Vampire Diaries‘ Damon/Elena/Stefan love triangle.

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Alec Lightwood
Image: Tumblr

6. Will anyone never not look at Isaiah Mustafa as the Old Spice guy?

Seriously, that’s all I can think of every time he appears as Luke.

7. Jace knows that Alec is dreamier than him, right?

Don’t get me wrong, Jace is super attractive (and he clearly knows it), but Alec? Hello, he is both dreamy and enticing.

8. Will Magnus bust out dance moves?

This is really all that matters when it comes to Harry Shum Jr.’s character. I know Glee fans are with me. I kid, because seeing Shum as a warlock is thrilling.

9. Are runes just an easy way for Shadowhunters to get cool tattoos?

I’d probably risk getting injured by a Downworlder if I could get a cool rune. Who’s with me?

10. What’s with the Shadowhunters’ invisibility?

So, when Shadowhunters are invisible, if they bump into a mundane, does the mundane feel the Shadowhunter? Also, if they bump into someone while invisible, does their invisibility dissolve? How does this whole invisibility thing work? If they had a cloak like Harry Potter, it would be so much easier.

11. Can Luke be trusted?

He seems like a good guy, but based on what Clary overheard him telling members of The Circle, he could also be bad. I’m going with he was just telling them what they wanted to hear to protect himself.

12. Everyone agrees Izzy’s Alias-like disguises are on point, right?

Izzy is the bomb. I need more of her, stat.

Shadowhunters airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Freeform.

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