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Mama June reveals the truth behind Sugar Bear’s same-sex encounters

On Friday’s new episode of Marriage Boot Camp, Mama June addressed a rumor that’s been swimming around the Internet for a while: Sugar Bear’s infidelity. 

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In spite of what you might have thought up until this point, the main focus of this season of Marriage Boot Camp is not going to be Althea and Benzino arguing, or Sean and Catherine being boring (and occasionally acting scandalized), or even Sundy not wearing underwear (Fine, you do you. I’m not here to tell people how to live their lives). After Friday’s episode, it looks like the focus, at least for a while, will be on Mama June’s accusation that Sugar Bear cheated with not only women, but also men.

If no one ever again checked their significant others’ text messages, it’s pretty likely that reality TV wouldn’t exist, since that seems to be its engine. Mama June confessed to Sean and Catherine that the texts she found in Sugar Bear’s phone weren’t what she expected, and when she confronted him about it, he responded by saying, “What you’re not gonna do is call me gay.” Oh, Sugar Bear. Repeat after me: Sexuality is fluid. On Twitter, fans were definitely shocked and tried to figure out if what they heard could really be true.

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There are more than a few loose threads here, and we haven’t even approached the fact of Mama June’s more-than-problematic relationship with a sex offender. Having sex with men if you also happen to be a man doesn’t make you gay or bisexual, it’s much more complicated than that. (If Sugar Bear is in fact gay or bisexual, let’s hope this show can handle it with great care.) It looks pretty bad for Sugar Bear right now, in terms of being able to deny texting with dudes, considering there are apparently actual texts to prove it, but there is always the possibility of him claiming that he changed women’s names to men’s. Why would you do that though? Why are you such a mystery, Sugar Bear? Can we ever truly know you?

Of course, the show ended right at the point when this could have gotten resolved, so viewers are hoping that next week they will get answers. But since it’s still relatively close to the beginning of the season, let’s be real about how this is probably going to get dragged out until the bitter end, when these two stand in front of each other — and Jim and Elizabeth — in fancy outfits and decide whether or not they’re going to break up. Until then, it’s probably going to be loud and rowdy.

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What do you think is going on here? Did Sugar Bear cheat with men, or is this all a big, convoluted mess? Or both?

Image: WE tv

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