Tila Tequila fans question her sanity after odd remarks on social media

Tila Tequila has friends and fans worried and confused after she posted a series of discombobulated tweets.

Tequila’s mental health is being questioned after the tweets, which are reminiscent of Amanda Bynes at her most manic, hit the web yesterday. They hint at global conspiracy theories and a disbelief in proven scientific principles, like the fact that the earth is round.

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The entire collection is too long to post — you can see it on her Twitter page — but here are some choice selections from her nonsensical rant.

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But this one tweet, buried among the craziness, might explain it all:

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Tequila is used to getting attention for being controversial and for her scary behavior. She suffered from a drug overdose, a brain aneurysm and jumped out of her window in 2012, then was kicked off of Celebrity Big Brother for being a Nazi sympathizer and showing her support of Hitler.

She gave birth to baby daughter Isabella Monroe in November 2014, and she still is under Tequila’s care — she even posted a video of the poor, sweet girl trying to poop last week.

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