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Teen Mom OG spoilers: Maci’s ready to throw in the towel on Taylor (VIDEO)

Dramatic relationships are always a common theme within Teen Mom storylines, and it looks like the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG will not be an exception.

A new, uber-uncomfortable clip shows OG Maci Bookout enjoying a friendly brunch with her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, and a group of friends, when the conversation starts to examine the future of Bookout and McKinney’s relationship.

The mood of of the outing quickly slides downhill after a friend asks McKinney if wedding bells will be ringing anytime soon, which McKinney answers by making a frantic “cut it out” motion.

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“When’s that ring coming?” the friend asks as McKinney laughs in a nervous, high-pitched tone.

“When are you going to make me an honest woman?” Bookout quickly interjects, pouncing on the opportunity to talk about a subject that is undoubtedly on her mind all the time.

“I would never talk someone into proposing to me, but at the same time, I get tired of it,” Bookout says to the rest of the table. “I get tired of people coming on to me like, ‘he’s a piece of shit,’ because he won’t propose to me. You know what I mean? Like, I get tired of defending him… We’ve been together for three years. We have a child together. We own a house together.”

McKinney and Bookout’s crew don’t seem to disagree with any of Bookout’s points, but McKinney still doesn’t seem to be giving any hard answers on when — or if — he will pop the question.

“We can end it, just end it,” Bookout says to McKinney at the end of the amazingly awkward clip.

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Teen Mom fans likely aren’t surprised about the exchange, as Bookout has been wondering — out loud to a group of media people — what McKinney’s holdup is a lot lately.

“Marriage is something I want in my life,” Bookout shared in a December interview with Us Weekly. “In my opinion — and I think Taylor would agree — we pretty much are already married. So it’s kind of like, ‘All right, what are we waiting on?’ I’m confused.”

Take a look at the full clip and tune into Teen Mom OG on MTV, Monday at 10/9c.

What do you think? Should Bookout and McKinney “just end it” already?

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