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Miranda Lambert’s feelings toward Gwen Stefani are quite unexpected

Not many of us would want to get to know our partner’s ex, let alone like her. But things could be very different for Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani.

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“Gwen and Miranda are actually big fans of each other’s music and respect each other as artists,” a source told E! News. “Miranda has always thought very highly of Gwen and thinks she is an extremely talented artist.”

That’s pretty high praise, but even more so that it comes from the ex-wife of the man Stefani is now dating. However, Lambert truly seems to be an exceptional, strong woman because she’s reportedly not even jealous about the relationship.

“Miranda is happy that they are doing well and wishes the best for them,” the source said. “Miranda is focusing on herself and enjoying her new relationship. Miranda is in great spirits!”

Stefani made it clear that she is a big fan of Lambert’s when she decided to interact with her on Twitter, but according to the source, she also wants nothing but happiness for her.

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“Gwen thinks very highly of Miranda and really likes her music,” the source told the publication. “Gwen thinks it’s great that Miranda is dating and in a happy place! Gwen is not the kind of woman to be catty at all, and she avoids drama at all accounts.”

It’s inspiring to see women uplifting and supporting one another instead of being bitter and jealous. And maybe we should all try and take a page from their book?

Do you think it’s great that Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani are being so civil toward each other? Would you be able to do the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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