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Kim Zolciak’s teenage daughter called out for waist training (PHOTO)

Kim Zolciak’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, posted a photo of herself in a waist trainer and encouraged her fans to do the same.

Biermann is giving new meaning to suck it in!

Kim Zolciak’s teenage daughter has joined her mother in the waist training fad. She posted a photo of herself in a blue waist trainer, a corsetlike contraption that is worn to cinch the core and mold the waist into a slimmer figure.

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She captioned the post, “Yes! #waisttraing [sic] with the #waistgangsociety @premadonna87 @waistgangsociety Wow it’s so comfy and my frame feels and looks amazing already make sure you get yours at bringing in the New Year right!!”

Naturally, her followers have weighed in with concerned and, sometimes maternal, comments.

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Sadittyb wrote, “Honey bunch you don’t need this.”

Hunterallen74 commented, “G-wiz woman. What’s next plastic surgery? Or have you already got that too?”

“They don’t even work lmaooo,” wrote @foxxten.

Happy_aunty commented, “U Look Just Fine The Way U Are Brielle.”

“ are a beautiful girl, you don’t need to do that,” wrote @truemom2

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Crish47 commented, “Awww this makes me sad. Too young and pretty. Work on that self esteem girly! You don’t need that!”

“Don’t wear this! Bad for your health!” wrote @carolynjoan

Patti1009 commented, “Go to school!”

Medical experts have said these waist trainers can be hazardous to your health. The device can decrease core strength, contribute to heartburn and push against your lungs and ribs, which makes breathing difficult. Extended use of waist trainers can reportedly lead to compressed lungs and fractured ribs.

Biermann is a beautiful, young girl who doesn’t need to be do something this extreme, especially because it’s not healthy. It’s not a good message to send to young girls who idolize Biermann. Teenage girls have enough body issues and the last thing they need is to waist train.

You’re only 18 once, Brielle Biermann. Enjoy it!

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