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Australian comedian re-enacting celebrity Instagram photos is hilarious

Sharing the odd selfie and holiday snap on Instagram just wasn’t enough for comedian Celeste Barber, who had to take things one step further by re-enacting some of the most popular celebrity snaps. 


The result is so funny that you’ll be double-tapping your way through Barber’s account at any chance you can get.

Take Kendall Jenner’s most liked Instagram photo of all time with the heart-styled hair, for example.

Looking at this photo with Jenner lying on the floor in her doily-inspired dress, you might think it’s majestic and whimsical.

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But thanks to Barber and her take on the same photo, it’s plain to see just how unrealistic some of these beautiful celebrity snaps really are, especially when you see them with real people in them.

“I wanted to try to show how ridiculous it would be for a ‘normal’ person to recreate some of these photos,” Barber told Pulptastic.

“I get a lot of really positive feedback,” she adds, “like, ‘thanks for making me not feel so shit about myself.'”

We’ve rounded up some of the most hilarious re-enactments of Barber’s, just to remind you that it really isn’t even worth comparing yourself to celebs, as they have a whole team behind them in order to take the perfect picture. So, don’t feel shit. Here they are:

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Aviation experiences are a little different for Barber than they are for Kim Kardashian West:

And heading out to grab a coffee doesn’t look quite so glam:

This is literally what Barber looked like when she woke up:

Because eating salad is hilarious:

And whatever this is:

Barber wins with her fitness selfie:

Spreading some Christmas cheer with tangled decorations:

How not to get out of the pool:

Barber is killing this Kim re-enactment in the kiddy pool:

And because sometimes wine can get you through the day:

What do you think of Celeste Barber’s celebrity Instagram re-enactments? Let us know.

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