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Farrah Abraham’s latest raunchy business venture receives a ton of backlash

Farrah Abraham has been taking a lot of heat on social media lately following her recent behavior (notably, the way she treats her mother), but her new business venture is really making critics sit up and take note.

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Abraham has a webcam company, and she took to Instagram to inform fans of how “proud” she was of herself for having a “fun, safe and profitable webcam company!”

While the majority of the comments on the post have blasted her for being a “horrible person,” “a bitch,” and “trash,” there are plenty of critics who have taken aim at Abraham’s choice of business, too.

Comments on the post include one from kamrynnsmommy, who wrote, “I’m sure her daughter will grow up and see all that her mother has done and will be real proud of her being half naked most of the time, doing porn and being a bitch the rest of the time. I would be real proud of myself if I were her.”

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Roxyazul22 blasted Abraham for promoting her webcam site while at the same time posting photos of her daughter on Instagram.

“And don’t know body want to meet your ass at these events maybe to slap u across the face @farrah__abraham,” jnique84 shared.

Roxyazul22 wrote, “How in thee [sic] f*** can you have pictures of your daughter on the same page that you are advertising your TRASHY PORN ON!!?? YOU ARE SICK IN THE HEAD!! YOU NEED HELP!! @farrah__abraham.”

While wdmystic2269 attacked Abraham for her choice of career.

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They wrote, “Ok omg this is a new low.. Can you now say ‘I can do this cause I’m a mommy’ ugh your [sic] a porn star and should be off of teen mom.. Because you are no longer a teen mother you are a full blown PIMP.. pimping out girls on a sex website.. I hope MTV takes you off.”

Do you agree with her critics? Should Farrah Abraham promote her site on the same page where she shares pictures of her daughter? Is the backlash deserved?

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