AHS: Hotel‘s The Countess gets a fate that doesn’t do her justice

The penultimate episode of American Horror Story: Hotel was so explosive it’s hard to imagine what the finale has in store.

WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you want all the gory — literally — details about tonight’s episode of AHS: Hotel.

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So The Countess is dead but definitely not gone.

Everyone really wanted to kill her. But it was John, who ultimately struck her down and completed his Ten Commandment killings with her death: Thou shall not murder.

I definitely didn’t see this one coming. I thought that John was going to end up killing himself as his final act for the murders. Of course, he would have no unfinished business so he would get to move on like a normal soul outside the Hotel Cortez.

But bravo to show creator Ryan Murphy for pulling the unexpected on us.

Out of everyone that wanted The Countess dead — James March, Ramona, Liz Taylor — I really didn’t see John as the one to bring her down.

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It seemed like, if anyone, The Countess would be the one to make it out and escape the hotel. After everything she’s been through and everything in her past, it’s hard not to root for her even though she’s also terrible. But the magnetism that is Lady Gaga in this role is just hard to deny. It’s impossible not to fall for the allure of The Countess as Donovan and Ramona clearly proved.

Now that The Countess is dead though, a whole bunch of other issues crop up. Especially with regards to Bartholomew. I just really want to know what’s going to end up happening with that fetus.

Of course, the show can’t just end with all the ghosts living happily ever after. And by the looks of next week’s episode things are going to get tense, to put it lightly, when the Hotel Cortez residents realize they have to stop killing.

We’ll also get to see what James March has in store for John next now that he’s completed his Ten Commandments collection. Will he and his family get to escape the Cortez and live happily ever after? Again, not likely.

I also wonder if The Countess won’t find a way out of this forever with James March. We don’t really know much about the spirits stuck in the Cortez and the rules of their eternity. Is it possible that once their business is finished they can move on? Perhaps The Countess will find a loophole that will allow her to leave the hotel once and for all to face the other side. It’s hard to believe that after everything she’s been through, she’ll just concede to a life of unhappiness.

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But such is American Horror Story.

It could be that’s it for The Countess’ storyline in Hotel. It’s very possible we won’t even see much of her in the finale episode next week.

If that’s the case it will be heartbreaking. Though we can all take comfort in the knowledge that there’s a good chance Lady Gaga will return in some capacity for Season 6.

Do you think this episode did justice to The Countess’ storyline or do you want more in the finale?

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