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8 Things to know about People’s Choice Awards winner Jerrika Hinton

Grey’s Anatomy walked away a big winner at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards, snagging the trophy for Favorite Network TV Drama. And beaming onstage as the cast accepted the honor was Jerrika Hinton, one of our favorite scalpel-wielding stars.

Did we mention she’s one of the most adorable human beings ever? We recently had a chance to chat with Hinton — whom everyone knows and loves as Dr. Stephanie Edwards of Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital — and to say she won us over with her effortless charm and quick wit would be an understatement.

So in celebration of Grey’s Anatomy’s big win at Wednesday night’s PCAs, we decided to loop you into our fondness for Hinton by sharing a few little-known facts she revealed during our Q&A.

1. She’s a shutterbug

In what little downtime she has between film projects, Hinton indulges another creative passion — photography. Her abstract photography, which she often takes with her trusty Olympus PEN, can be found on her Web site. “Oh! Favorite thing to photograph? Nature,” she said about her subjects.

2. Strange food combos don’t intimidate her

We couldn’t not ask Hinton to explain the potential implications of a tweet reading, “Grilled.Banana.Ketchup.” And, well, it was just as we suspected — the girl has an iron stomach. “I tried the recipe for that!” she confessed, laughing. “And it was delicious, and I want it in my mouth.”

3. Her go-to karaoke songs are classic

“One is ‘Proud Mary’ by Tina Turner, which I always kill, and the other one is ‘Darling Nikki’ by Prince, because it’s just fun to do the yelling and screaming at the end and hop onstage,” she said. In case you’re wondering if there is any particular song her friends would rail her for secretly being a superfan of, there’s no need for concern. “Oh, my friends wouldn’t give me hell for secretly loving anything,” she told us. “We all share our weird music.”

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4. She has her sights set on skydiving

When we caught up with Hinton before the new year, she revealed her surprising — and, let’s be real, kinda terrifying — secret plan to jump out of a plane. “I don’t know if I should advertise that,” she quickly added with a laugh. “My employers may tell me I can’t!” (Sooooo… has this happened, Hinton?)

5. We should all take a cue from her favorite trait

“The thing I like most about myself is my commitment to growth, honestly. I think it’s important, and I think that not enough people have a true commitment to growing themselves in very difficult ways,” she said, “and wanting to grow the world around them that they love also.” That, y’all. That.

6. She likes to name her house plants

Yes, I said house plants. And not only does she name them, but the names are so fabulous you may very well wish you were a fern. “Those names are Tree-hanna, Tree-yoncé, Tree-vie Nicks and Tree-na Turner. Then there are a couple of bushes that have their names change on a daily basis. But the big indoor trees have good first and last names,” she shared.

7. A coming-of-age narrative for all girls is important to her

Hinton will be flexing her creative capabilities in the near future as the star and producer of a film called Solace, the story of a young black girl mired in the struggles of adolescence. “I find that in certain cultures and in certain households, it can be very hard to grow up and have the privilege of maintaining your softness and have the privilege of maintaining your curiosity about the world,” she said, “and stories that allow young girls to do that really touch me, and this is one of those stories.”

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8. If she could invite any one person to a dinner party, it would be…

“Ooh, Prince!” Ah, a woman after our own heart.

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