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Jason Derulo ripped to shreds over People’s Choice Awards performance (VIDEO)

Jason Derulo performed his new song “Get Ugly” at the People’s Choice Awards.

Some commenters weren’t afraid to say what they thought of Derulo’s live performance.

The Internet loves good dancing… but it hates a lip-syncer. Derulo is already getting criticized for potentially lip-syncing. And if he did sing live, well, he didn’t do a good job there either, according to commenters on Twitter.

One pseudo-fan on Twitter said, “Jason Derulo can’t sing live. That was terrible #PCAs.” Another wrote, “Ummmm….not for nothing but @jasonderulo seems to be doing a lot more dancing than singing. We wanna hear you sing. #justsaying #PCAs (sic).” Someone else asked, “#PCAs has Jason derulo actually sung anything here (sic)?”

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Derulo had his defenders as well — especially those who recognize how hard it is to sing and dance live, onstage and in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands. Some people just respect a good production piece: “These pyrotechnics are really hot, @jasonderulo. Literally AND figuratively.”

Derulo, whose album Everything is 4 (Beyoncé much?) was released in the United States in June 2015, is currently on tour. Haters, get ready for fan-favorite Shawn Mendes (who won the PCA for Favorite Breakout Artist) to perform at the show. We have a feeling the mentions on Twitter after his performance will be slightly more positive!

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What did you think of Jason Derulo’s performance? Let us know in the comments!

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