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Jane Lynch disappoints with ‘terrible’ Steve Harvey skit at People’s Choice Awards

Is it too soon for a Miss Colombia joke?

Jane Lynch doesn’t think so! The People’s Choice Awards host couldn’t resist making a joke about the much talked about announcement mishap that led to Miss Colombia almost winning the Miss Universe pageant.

Lynch brought comedian Tom Lennon onstage for a PCA, only to rescind the award — and give it to Miss Colombia. Yes, that Miss Colombia.

As CBS recapped on Twitter, “Man, I just read the card wrong,” @janemarielynch jokes while bringing Miss Colombia on stage at the #PCAs.” Hey, at least she’s getting work?

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Of course, viewers had mixed feelings about the joke on Twitter. Some were totally over it: “Yup. It is a comedy skit; a really, really terrible comedy skit. Dude, I’m already bored with the Steve Harvey/Miss USA jokes. #PCAs.” Equally valid is the fear that we’ll have to go through this for the next month of awards season: “Can we leave the Steve Harvey jokes right here? If I have to watch one at every award show I’ll go insane #PCAs.”

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Don’t worry, some people are still Team Colombia. One fan wrote, “S/O TO @janemarielynch AND #MissColombia FOR THAT FLAWLESS CLAPBACK WOW #PCAs.”

Will that be the only clapback of the night? Will Miss Colombia try to snag someone’s PCA? Is it too soon for Miss Colombia jokes? Let us know in the comments!

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