Farrah Abraham’s physical assault caught on camera (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham reportedly got violent with a Teen Mom crew member — and now there’s a video to prove it.

In a trailer released back in December, Abraham is seen in the midst of a vicious argument with Teen Mom coexecutive producer Larry Musnik.

“I don’t need to be a part of a trashy-ass show anymore because I make millions of dollars doing other shit!” Abraham is seen screaming. “What a dumb, twisted mother f***er!”

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But the shocking clip did not show the scariest part: Abraham actually became violent and shoved Musnik!

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What were they fighting about in the first place? Apparently Abraham made plans to appear with her mother on a counseling-type reality show in a bid to repair their troubled relationship, and Musnik had to break the news to her that doing so was in direct conflict with her MTV contract.

“This gave you your start!” Musnik says in the middle of the argument. “This gave you your start!”

“Get the f*** out of my property!” Abraham shouts, then shoves him.

This isn’t the only time she has been totally unbearable with Musnik — in a recent clip she even nearly ran him over in a parking lot.

Her fellow cast members are furious over Abraham’s diva ways, and Catelynn Lowell is apparently now gunning for her job.

Catelynn was furious about Farrah’s behavior, and called her every name in the book with cameras rolling,” a source told Radar Online. “Getting violent with a crew member who they’ve all known for years is completely out of line, and Catelynn said she wouldn’t stand for it.”

Abraham has not commented on the issue except to retweet a fan’s comment about it on Twitter.

Should Farrah Abraham be kicked off of Teen Mom OG for violently attacking a crew member? Sound off in the comments below!

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