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Ben Higgins reportedly gets used by multiple women on The Bachelor

Ben Higgins is facing an age-old problem on The Bachelor.

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Higgins is looking for love among dozens of women, but he is reportedly having a hard time determining which of those women are actually looking to love him back.

According to an insider, some of the ladies are there just to find fame, and some of them are the same women Higgins has been falling for.

Lots of the girls went on just to be famous and have a good time,” the source told Life & Style. “Ben had a really hard time figuring out who was there for the right reasons and who wasn’t.”

The insider continued, “Some of these girls were lying to his face.”

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Of course, finding out if contestants are actually on the show to fall in love is a challenge every Bachelor and Bachelorette must face. But according to sources (and what we’ve seen on the show), Higgins is a super nice guy. It makes sense that he might be a little too nice, making him a target for some manipulative women.

Life & Style‘s source specifically points to identical twins Emily and Haley Ferguson, who are already fan favorites, as being “hungry for fame and attention,” and says the pair has already auditioned for another reality show together. And the insider said Olivia Caridi dumped her serious boyfriend to go on the show because “she just wants to be a sportscaster and likely did the show to get airtime.

“It wouldn’t even occur to him that the girls could be lying to him,” the source, reportedly a close friend of Higgins’, said. “But they were. I feel bad for him.”

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Do you think Higgins is being manipulated by contestants on this season of The Bachelor?

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