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Kate Gosselin’s ‘type A’ criticism from fans is inappropriate

The idea behind Kate Plus 8 sounds really nice: Watch a mother of sextuplets and twins get through motherhood, including all the ups and downs we can all relate to.

In theory, it’s great.

But Kate Plus 8 has become less about the family dynamics and more about the resulting social media stir criticizing Kate Gosselin.

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Tonight’s episode was no exception.

Gosselin encouraged her boys to put together a magic show performance for the family while the girls were treated to some pampering. Gosselin’s involvement throughout earned the biggest backlash.

Now, I definitely don’t think Gosselin is a perfect mom. She’s absolutely dealt with her fair share of problems and controversies. But what I don’t understand is all the claims that she’s too “type A” and micromanages her children too closely.

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She seems to get it every episode. Even her kids are jumping on the bandwagon.

And Gosselin is clearly aware of the hate since she tried to defend herself tonight.

“I wasn’t micromanaging for the fun of meddling in their magic day,” Gosselin said of the way she coached her sons through their magic show tricks. “I was trying to look out for their best interests, so I could help them!”

I mean, the woman is raising sextuplets and twins for crying out loud! I think she deserve to be a little over the top. What’s the alternative? That she doesn’t take a vested interest in her children?

Not to be the one to pull the gender norms card here either, but I’m going to do it. A dad this invested in his kids’ hobbies and explorations would never be referred to as “type A.” In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man referred to like that at all. Rather, they are determined and passionate and respectable for being so involved.

Why shouldn’t Gosselin be viewed in the same light?

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She is a mom trying to be a part of her kids’ lives. Does she always get it right? Of course not. Is she meddling to the point of annoyance? Of course! But what good parent isn’t?

It seems to me that Kate Plus 8 is riding on the Gosselin criticism rather than focusing on the positives and achievements of this family. And I think the negativity is weighing the show down rather than allowing it to move forward.

Do you think Kate Gosselin is inappropriately criticized?

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