Dance Moms takes a page from Bring It On during the premiere

Jan 6, 2016 at 12:03 a.m. ET
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Recycled choreography was a central theme during tonight's episode of Dance Moms, with Jeanette Cota and her BDA dancers going the Bring It On route and snatching Abby Lee Miller's waiting room idea.

Abby Lee Miller always pulls out all of the stops for her nationals routines, which are among her most creative. This was certainly true of last season's dance, which painted a poignant picture of a tense waiting room. The routine was among Miller's best, so it must have been a slap in the face for her to see the concept reused by Jeanette Cota and JC's Broadway Dance Academy.

Waiting Room Dance
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Cota decided that the best way to get back at Miller would be to redo her waiting room dance... and to make it better. In a move reminiscent of Bring it On, Cota repackaged Miller's memorable routine, all in hopes of knocking the Abby Lee Dance Company off of its pedestal (although, arguably, the ALDC dancers left that pedestal the moment they failed to clinch a victory at nationals).

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In Cota's defense, she snatched the waiting room idea from Miller, but the concept has likely been used on more than one occasion. What's more, the choreography, costumes and music for Cota's dance were entirely original. She didn't exactly start from scratch, but she also didn't steal the entirety of Miller's dance.

Jeanette Dance Moms
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Plagiarism is currently a hot-button issue in the dance world. Last year, there was an uproar in Minnesota when the Faribault Dance Team was accused of copying a routine originally performed by a Utah-based team. However, the Minnesota incident was a bit different than tonight's waiting room debacle, as there is no evidence indicating that the Faribault dancers and coaches wished their counterparts in Utah any ill will, Conversely, Cota seemed eager to teach Miller a lesson.

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These days, it is very difficult to get viewers to side with Miller. Although many Dance Moms fans took issue with Miller's attempts to get BDA disqualified due to timing issues, they did agree that it was not cool of Cota to put together a routine so similar to Miller's dance from nationals.


Ultimately, Cota's plan backfired. Her dance was nowhere near as impactful as it could have been. Cota and her studio would have done much better with an original concept and a fresh dance.

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Is is OK for Jeanette Cota to reuse Abby Lee Miller's waiting room concept? Or are critics getting bent out of shape about nothing? Comment and share your opinion below.

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