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RHOBH‘s Kyle Richards gives an update on Kim Richards’ health (VIDEO)

RHOBH‘s Kyle Richards gives a hopeful update about her sister Kim Richards’ sobriety.

She’s taking it one day at a time, but according to Kyle Richards, her sister Kim Richards is staying sober.

Kyle stopped by People Now to give us an update on everything Kim, including their contentious relationship.

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Kim isn’t a cast member on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills due to the relapse of her alcoholism and subsequent arrests over the summer. Kyle shared that she has hope for Kim’s sobriety, saying “she’s doing really well. She’s good. She seems solid, and she looks beautiful and healthy and happy.”

In the episodes that have aired so far this season, Kyle and Kim are estranged. As for how the sisters are getting along presently, Kyle said, “We’re a work in progress, but we’re doing way better than we were a year ago. We had very little contact in one year, maybe four times and one of those times was at the reunion, which was the worst reunion we ever had.”

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She adds that they’re “working at it, trying, taking it one day at a a time.” And they’re “very good, and that makes me happy.”

As for whether the show makes their roller coaster relationship worse, “My sister and I obviously had problems to begin with, but I can tell you for me personally, when I’m trying to work things out and everything’s not great and we’re really trying, I see reruns of something and I’m like, ‘That was really bad.’ I’m sure she thinks the same thing. It does set us back a little bit.”

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With Kim taking a break from RHOBH this season, hopefully this will help their relationship get even better. It’s great news that Kim is happy and healthy. Keep up the good fight!

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