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RHOBH’s Yolanda Foster’s breast implant debacle will make women think twice

It’s no secret that the ladies of RHOBH love plastic surgery, but on occasion, their penchant for going under the knife backfires. Kim Richards has already admitted to having implants removed because she couldn’t see her toes, but during tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it was Yolanda Foster’s turn to bid her fake boobs adieu.

At one time, breast implants seemed like a really good idea to Yolanda Foster, but she has since changed her mind. Her leaky implants may very well have been responsible for many of her worst Lyme disease symptoms. Eager for relief, Foster decided that implant removal was a wise idea.

Yolanda's implant
Image: Bravo

Foster generated a lot of negative feedback on Twitter when, shortly prior to the procedure, she freaked out her kids by showing them her will. However, viewers have since forgiven her, as they’ve realized that the implant removal was punishment enough.

RHOBH is more than glitz and glamour — sometimes, it’s downright nasty! This was certainly true of Foster’s surgery, which grossed out more than a few viewers. Despite the unpleasant nature of the procedure, David Foster was incredibly supportive, leading some viewers to once again wonder what could have gone so wrong with the Fosters’ marriage.

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It’s not too often that Twitter users are unanimous in their thoughts about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but tonight, everybody agreed that they didn’t particularly like the idea of implants, especially after seeing Foster’s leaky implants removed. Several viewers referred to tonight’s episode as the perfect PSA for those thinking of going under the knife.

The ick factor was clearly most responsible for convincing RHOBH viewers that breast implants are best avoided, but fans also seemed concerned about Foster, who clearly suffered. However, suffering is nothing new for Foster — and if the removal of her implants could reduce future symptoms, the procedure was more than worthwhile.

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While tonight’s episode may have shown a potential downside to going under the knife, most Real Housewives shows have a tendency to glamorize or, at minimum, normalize plastic surgery. Several present and former RHOBH cast members have happily admitted to getting work done. Erika Jayne is especially grateful for her sizable fake breasts.

Yolanda Foster
Image: Bravo

Chances are, Jayne and her fellow RHOBH gals are not destined to follow in Foster’s terrifying footsteps. It’s also important to keep in mind that Foster’s implants were very old. That being said, it’s nice to see Bravo reminding viewers that plastic surgery is something to be taken seriously.

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Does Yolanda Foster’s breast implant disaster have you convinced that getting implants isn’t a good idea? Or is this a rare case of implants gone wrong? Comment and share your opinion below.

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