8 Things to know about Amy Schumer's new man, Ben Hanisch

Jan 5, 2016 at 10:21 p.m. ET
Image: Brian To/WENN

Trainwreck star Amy Schumer didn't just steal my heart last year — it looks like she snagged the affection of a hunky furniture designer, too.

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Yes, it would seem that one of the funniest, sharpest, most gorgeous and, accordingly, most eligible women in Hollywood is now off the market. And the man responsible for wooing Schumer is 34-year-old Ben Hanisch. Earlier today, Schumer posted this pic of her and Hanisch (far left) during a D.C. visit.


So who is this mysterious guy sweeping my perpetual girl crush off her feet? Here's what we've managed to dig up on Hanisch thus far.

1. He's a furniture maker


Judging by the looks of it, he's a pretty damn good one, too. According to his LinkedIn profile, Hanisch founded the custom furniture company The Last Workshop two years ago, through which he sells "simple, functional, well-made products at honest prices."

2. He's a Chicago man


Hanisch often shares pics of Chicago on social media, noting in a recent snapshot that the Windy City will "forever feel like home." In an article published on Five O'Clock in 2014, it was revealed he lives in a backyard carriage house unit in the Wicker Park area.

3. He once worked for HGTV


It doesn't appear that Hanisch was a television personality for the popular home network, although that's not a bad idea (hint, producers!). Rather, he worked in the Chicago branch of the HGTV Home Pop-Up Showrooms that sprung up in 2013.

4. He takes stunning pictures


What? He totally does. Scrolling through his Tumblr account and Instagram feed feels like browsing a digital art gallery. Apparently, snapping pics is more than just a passing hobby — in addition to being a furniture maker, Hanisch is a photographer who takes all of the product visuals for his company.

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5. He's sporty


Looks like Schumer scored a well-rounded guy! It's no wonder Hanisch lists ice hockey and snowboarding among his interests on LinkedIn — he's done both in a big way. He was (and possibly still is) a hockey player at Johnny's Ice House, and he was pursuing a pro snowboarding career when he first forayed into furniture making.

6. He's also flighty


I suppose you could say this is true of Hanisch both literally and figuratively in the sense that not only does he change his mind a lot, but he actually flies off quite frequently to faraway places. "My whole life story is doing something for three years and getting bored," he told Five O'Clock. Although he isn't certain what's next, he did reveal his "dream, dream, dream job is a boutique hotel where every room is different." Intriguing.

7. Acting is on his radar


Hanisch confessed that he blew all of his money on acting classes when he moved back to Chicago after a stint away from his home city. Although he obviously hasn't landed any mainstream roles yet, I did uncover an IMDb profile under his name listing two credits — production assistant for 2014's The Great Chicago Filmmaker and "Max" in the 2015 short Last Train to Linden. Could it be him?

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8. He digs Schumer


The important thing here is that he's good to Schumer, right? So far, things seem to be going swimmingly on that front. Four days ago, he posted a super-sweet picture and message on Instagram about his rumored new girlfriend, calling Schumer "the smartest, funniest, most beautiful woman." Hear, hear! And, erm, judging by this recent post from Schumer, the pair has really hit it off.


Best of luck to these two in 2016! It's going to be a fun year, don't you think?