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Teen Mom‘s Jenelle Evans continues to confuse fans with pregnancy symptoms

When it comes to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans, it doesn’t take much to get the rumor mill going — and a recent tweet about having a craving is sparking some serious gossip about a possible pregnancy.

But is Evans really expecting baby No. 3?

If you ask her Twitter followers, the answer would seem to be a resounding yes. While the admission you are hangry for a bread bowl is a routine (and even frequent) occurrence for most of us, Evans mentioning the word “craving” is enough to convince the masses she is with child.

In response to Evans’ tweet, a throng of followers aired their suspicions about her rumored pregnancy with boyfriend David Eason. One suggested it’s been obvious “since the puffy face pic during [Evans’ and Eason’s] first New York trip.”

Another is certain “she is just waiting to announce it.”

Others pointed to what they perceive to be a pattern of behavior Evans follows during her pregnancies. “There haven’t been as many ‘look at my body’ selfies, and it doesn’t seem like she’s been partying since her birthday,” said a follower-slash-sleuth.

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However, fans and haters alike may have to direct their attention somewhere other than Evans’ womb for a while — in response to being asked if her Panera craving was due to pregnancy, Evans said, “Nope I’m on BC lol,” referring, of course, to birth control.

This isn’t the first time (and undoubtedly not the last) that the Twitterverse jumped to conclusions based on one of Evans’ posts. In early December, Evans tweeted, “Killed it at the gym today… Feeling great but feel like throwing up… Love it lmao.”

The flood of comments trying to connect the dots from “throwing up” to being pregnant that quickly followed Evans’ tweet was intense — much like a good workout, which is the point Evans was trying to make that the people posting comments failed to pick up on.

But that’s not to say that Evans is ruling out the possibility of expanding her family, and specifically doing so with Eason. When pressed about future plans for more kids, Evans didn’t outright reject the idea.

“Maybe a couple of years from now I’ll try for another,” she said, “but def not anytime soon.”

Then again, stuff happens, right? And with Evans, unexpected hiccups do seem to happen with alarmingly frequency. From a string of legal dramas to two unplanned pregnancies, Evans has kept everyone guessing since entering the court of public opinion as one of the stars of Teen Mom 2.

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Until Evans reveals otherwise, though, she will not be welcoming a new baby to her brood in 2016.

For now, she appears to be focusing on her son Kaiser — over whom she’s currently involved in a heated battle with her ex, Nathan Griffith — and her son Jace, who lives with Evans’ mother.

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