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Katie Price made quite an impression on her first day as a Loose Woman

Katie Price made her debut on Loose Women today, and it’s no surprise that she caused a bit of a stir.

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Let’s get the negative stuff out of the way first before we focus on what an asset Pricey is clearly going to be to the all-female panel.

She had a bit of a shaky start when she struggled to pronounce actor Eddie Redmayne’s name. And, um, that’s it. The mum-of-five, who will join the panel once a week, quickly recovered and certainly lived up to her promise of being “the most outspoken of them all”.

Later in the show, Price took on Karen Danczuk, the ex-wife of disgraced MP, Simon Danczuk, who was caught sexting a 17-year-old.

“What is it you want to do now?” Price demanded. “Because obviously you could have stayed quiet. You’re happy to speak about it. Could we see you on Big Brother? It could have been easy to stay in the background, but I’ve seen your selfies looking all, you know. Is it fame you want? Do you want to be a glamour girl? Do you want to be a reality star?”

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If the Twitter feedback is anything to go by, Price went down a storm: 

Pricey’s always going to have her haters, but there’s no denying she’ll be absolute gold on the Loose Women panel.

Wednesday, Jan. 6, sees the first appearance of the other new addition to the daytime show: Geordie Shore star and I’m A Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here! winner Vicky Pattison. We’re trying to imagine what it would be like if Price and Pattison were at the table together — we’re not sure if the country could handle it.

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