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John Stamos reveals who they asked to play Michelle Tanner on Fuller House

By now, you’re mostly likely jumping with excitement at the news of the Feb. 26 release date of Netflix’s Fuller House, and learning to deal with the constant nostalgia-induced goosebumps that we’ve all been living with since word of the reboot hit the streets last year.

I mean, come on, I dare you to watch this promo and not get chills.

You’ve also probably heard that Fuller House won’t include one of the most integral and beloved characters from the Full House original. We’re talking the incomparable Michelle Tanner.

Michelle on Full House
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At this point, we know that Michelle won’t appear in the series, presumably because Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen refused to take part. We also presumed that producers threw in the towel on finding a suitable replacement when the Olsen twins opted out — but it turns out that isn’t the case.

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In fact, John Stamos felt the answer to all of Fuller House‘s Michelle Tanner woes was right under their noses, in the form of the Olsen twins’ thespian sister, Elizabeth Olsen.

“I don’t think this has been talked about,” Stamos told Andy Cohen on his SiriusXM talk show Radio Andy this week. “I didn’t do it, I think [Full House creator] Jeff Franklin did. I said, ‘Call the sister [Elizabeth Olsen].’ We talked to her agent and her agent was like, ‘Come on, she’s not going to do that,’ but we did call her agent.”

Can’t blame the guys for giving it the old college try.

Michelle may not be visually present in the reboot, but that doesn’t mean she will be entirely absent. In a case of life imitating art, the writers have created an elaborate backstory for her involving a life in New York City as a fashion designer — not unlike the path that the Olsen twins themselves chose after leaving the acting world.

And in one episode of Fuller House, a character reportedly prank-calls Michelle, delivering her iconic “You got it, dude!” catchphrase.

In addition, original cast members Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber are all returning for Fuller House. Stamos is also producing the series and will appear as Uncle Jesse, while Dave Coulier will return as Joey, Bob Saget will reprise his role of Danny Tanner, Lori Loughlin will show up as Aunt Becky and Scott Weinger will appear as D.J.’s high school boyfriend, Steve.

Do you think it would have been amazing if Elizabeth Olsen showed up as Michelle Tanner?

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