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7 Reasons Erika Jayne is the best thing about RHOBH right now

This season, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has some fresh meat. Gone are Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards, and new to the scene is Erika Jayne, or Erika Girardi if you’re feeling formal.

I’m embarrassed to admit that when I first laid eyes on Jayne and her big hair and even bigger diamonds, I assumed I wouldn’t like her. Yes, it was totally presumptuous, but I figured she was just going to be a drama-loving, material-obsessed reality TV star. Boy, was I wrong.

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While it seems that Jayne definitely doesn’t hate material items, she’s quickly shaping up to be, hands down, one of the most entertaining and weirdly endearing members of RHOBH. She may be an acquired taste, but here are seven reasons it’s pretty damn impossible not to heart Bravo’s newest star.

1. She’s unabashedly loyal

Jayne was friends with Yolanda and David Foster before she made her Bravo debut, but any chance she gets to talk about how fierce Yolanda is, she takes it. Thus far, she seems like the opposite of a shit-stirrer and seems to be operating under the theory of “I like you unless you cross me,” which, of course, is smart.

2. She’s wildly up-front

erika jayne
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Even though her co-star Lisa Rinna seems to subscribe to the same philosophy of saying whatever is on her mind, there’s something about Jayne doing it that’s more endearing and amusing. For instance, Jayne will proudly tell anyone that her husband is 76 and wait for what they have to say. She also proudly admits how much she loves her husband and doesn’t shy away from the fact that she’s been called “a gold digger.” It’s not her problem.

3. Her way with words is interesting

Jayne’s choice of words can sometimes be a bit crass, but there’s no denying the fact that it’s kind of hilarious. Case in point: After she got dressed and looked in the mirror in a recent episode, she murmured to herself, “Eat a dick.” Ummmm…

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4. She’s clearly comfortable with her sexuality

Watch this video for her song “Painkillr.” That is all.

5. She can wear things that no one else can

Oh hi, when was the last time you slapped on a piece of gauze with some Sharpie lines drawn on it? Been a while, right?

6. Her RHOBH tag line really is an enigma

Like, what on earth does this mean, Erika?

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7. She’s successful in her own right

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Jayne has had numerous No. 1 hits on the dance charts. That’s much more than we can say about a lot of other Housewives.

What do you think of Erika Jayne on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

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