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Amber Portwood has surprising response to question about Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham and her Teen Mom costars do not see eye to eye, and this has played out in the media on multiple occasions. During a recent Q-and-A, Amber Portwood let her feelings for Abraham be known.

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And they may surprise some fans.

Speaking during a Facebook Q-and-A session, Portwood answered fans’ questions, one of which was about her relationship with Abraham and whether she ever wanted to “smash” her in the face.

Drea Manoukian wrote, “Do ya ever just want to smash Farrah right in the face?? Cuz most of us do.”

To which Portwood replied, “No I don’t ever want to smash her in the face I want to shake her and give her a bear hug.”

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Portwood’s reaction to the post shows how much she has changed and grown over the years. But it wasn’t just Abraham and Portwood’s relationship that fans were interested in, as there was also a lot of chatter about her relationship with ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley.

Responding to a question about how she and Shirley are getting on, Portwood wrote, “Currently we are getting along pretty well. We are co-parenting very lately! It’s quite shocking!”

And if you’ve ever wondered if Portwood enjoys living her life in the media, you finally have your answer. Fan Kaitlyn Weller asked, “Do you wish your life was off-screen rather than broadcasted [sic]?”

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“I don’t wish my life was offscreen but it would make my life easier. But I don’t complain because I enjoy what I do. I enjoy helping other people,” Portwood said.

And what about her goals for 2016? They include a lot of self-improvement.

Portwood wrote, “Move forward with my work and finally get to my goal weight and stay healthy and sober. Try to be better than who I am today….”

Do you think Amber Portwood is right not to have blasted Farrah Abraham?

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