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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth reportedly spotted rekindling romance

Former lovebirds Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may be getting back together.

Everything old is new again, but I don’t think anyone expected former couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to entertain the idea of reuniting.

Two years after they ended their engagement, the couple was seen hanging out together in Hemsworth’s native Australia on Sunday, Jan. 3 and reportedly spent the holidays together.

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A source exclusively tells E! News that Cyrus’ feelings for Hemsworth haven’t changed and they’re both entertaining the idea of being together.

“Miley came back to LA on Monday after spending the holidays with Liam. She had the time of her life being with him and his family,” the source said.

“She feels like they could pick up right where they left off. Miley has never gotten over Liam and always hoped they would get back together. She doesn’t know where it will go, but she definitely still loves him and wants to be with him. Liam has an interest in being back together too.”

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A second insider told E! News that the two are “back on.”

The couple was spotted over the weekend “cuddling and kissing” at the Falls Music Festival in Byron Bay. They were with Hemsworth’s family, including his brothers Chris and Luke and their wives. The two attended the event with several people and appeared “affectionate” while hanging out backstage in a VIP area. An insider continued, “Liam was seen rubbing Miley’s back at one point.”

The Australian Daily Telegraph reported that the pair spent about half an hour in the VIP area drinking with friends before heading to a general viewing area to watch the rest of the music festival. Security protected them from anyone who wanted to take any photos.

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It’s not often for two people who break up to successfully get back together. They were so young when they were together that it would be great to see them give it another shot. Cyrus was definitely more toned down when she was with Hemsworth. Maybe reuniting with him will cause her to ditch some of her more controversial outfits. But only if it’s what she wants, because she shouldn’t compromise herself for anyone.

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