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Mama June gets caught at strip club getting unique lap dance (VIDEO)

Mama June gets a lap dance from the world’s smallest entertainer.

Here comes tiny booty booty!

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star Mama June got a special New Year’s Eve present in the form of a lap dance form the world’s tiniest stripper.

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Mama June made a special guest appearance on Saturday, Jan. 2 at the “New Year’s WTF Weekend” in Nashville’s DeJa Vu strip club where she got a lap dance from the “world’s smallest entertainer,” Little Sassee Cassee.

In the video, Mama June is seated while Little Sassee Cassee is laying horizontally across her lap. The stripper is wearing a bikini top with a G-string bottom. Mama June is having fun with the situation, playfully drawing attention to Little Sassee Cassee’s booty shaking.

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Just as DJ Snake and Lil Wayne’s “Turn Down for What” powers up, Little Sassee Cassee turns her body, places her feet on Mama June’s shoulders and shakes her itty-bitty booty in Mama June’s face.

Mama June was scheduled to appear at the strip club for two hours and we don’t know much more about what happened after this video. Mama June only had the highest praise for Little Sassee Cassee.

She tweeted, “Had a great night at DejaVu Nashville cassee was very nice now headed home 2 my loves (sic).”

Nice? Mama June, I think you could come up with a better adjective than that. Athletic, talented and bitty bootylicious pop into my head long before nice.

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On her Facebook page, Little Sassee Cassee simply wrote, “Here’s the video lmfao.” Well, she’s not that descriptive either.

It’s not every day one has a little person’s feet on their shoulders. I hope Mama June tipped Little Sassee Cassee well. She was working hard.

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