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The Seewalds plan to take after the Duggars in a large way

Jessa and Ben Seewald have big family plans that rival those of her parents, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar.

One down, 14 more to go!

Jessa and Ben Seewald adore their baby son, Spurgeon, but he’s just the beginning. On TLC’s Jill & Jessa: Counting On special, the couple discussed having 15 children, which sounded like a good, satisfying number to them both.

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Jessa, whose parents are Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar of 19 Kids and Counting fame, is planning on following in her famous family footsteps. Not to be outdone, her mother, Michelle Duggar, recently talked about adopting baby No. 20. If they keep it up, they’ll have their own militia in no time.

On the special, Ben surprised Jessa with the news that he sees “15 sons” in their future. Later on, Jessa shared her own happiness at the thought. “I think it’d be awesome. I’d love to have 15 sons.” No mention of any daughters, though.

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She even shared her philosophy on delivering the baby while on a power walk with Jill. “If you’re going to try to have a baby, just do it. I mean, don’t mosey on down the trail at a snail’s pace. Power walk it.”

I guess if you’ve already squeezed out a bunch of babies, your birth canal will eventually be so used to it that you can just power push the baby out.

Jill joked about how many children the Seewalds would have if they had joined Jill and her husband on their recent Central American mission trip. Laughed Jill, “They’d be like, ‘We’ll take that one and that one and that one! We’ll take ’em all!’”

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I have one precocious dog and I’m exhausted. The thought of my uterus producing 15 children sounds like a nightmare. Plus, how do you keep coming up with names? Would son No. 15 just be named 15?

Everyone needs to have goals and it looks like the Seewalds have theirs.

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