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Supergirl: 7 Things that could save the show from getting canceled

Admittedly, I’ve been a bit harsh while reviewing the first half of Supergirl Season 1. But it’s only because I have such high hopes for the show and truly do want it to succeed.

So far, it’s been my stance that the series has fallen short of expectations. Lame action sequences, Kara’s immature behavior, crappy villains and over-the-top-yet-not-quite-genuine feminist agenda are just a couple reasons Supergirl didn’t become my favorite new show of 2015. Obviously, I won’t be weeping tears of sorrow if it gets canceled at this point.

Despite all of my criticisms, I still haven’t completely lost hope for the show. If you dig deep, there is some good stuff in there. Here are some things I’d like to see more of to jump-start the second half of Supergirl‘s freshman season as we head back into the show after the short winter break.

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1. Winn

Supergirl still
Image: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

At this point, the writers either need to step up Winn’s presence or get rid of him completely. Most scenes he is in he’s pining and pathetic or jealous — and it’s just annoying. Make his love for Kara funny, not just sad. There is so much potential for humor in his unrequited love situation that the character really is a lost opportunity.

There’s also been rumors/hints in the show that Winn has a familial connection to Toyman, so hopefully we will see Winn’s story line kicked up a notch in the second half of this season. And seeing Winn team up with James — and stand up to Kara — in Episode 9 was great! We need more of that.

2. The love traingle

Supergirl Season 1 still
Image: Erica Parise/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Like the Winn character, Supergirl needs to step up the love triangle/rectangle/hexagon — whatever you want to call it — action or just do away with it. You can’t just dip your toe in to adding a romance element to a show, you have to jump in head-first.

If you’re gonna go the cheese-ball route — and let’s face it, Supergirl is pure queso — then let’s f***ing do it! Let’s have some dalliances already. Embrace the cheese and give us some dang couples to ship!

3. Cat Grant

Cat Grant on Supergirl
Image: Giphy

I’ve said from the beginning: Kara’s boss is actually the perfect ally, and now that she’s on to Kara’s true identity, it’s the perfect time to bring Cat into the inner circle. Plus, her witty quips, though sometimes mean, are hilarious and Calista Flockhart has done a great job bringing dimension to the character.

4. Hank Henshaw

Hank Henshaw in Supergirl
Image: Giphy

So far, Henshaw has remained on the peripheral, but the big Martian Manhunter reveal has put him in the spotlight and got viewers wondering what’s to come for him. To be frank, I think it’s the only real a-ha moment of the series to date and the character has a lot of potential to bring some excitement to the plot.

In tonight’s episode, it was clear that there’s some kind of connection or bond forming between Henshaw and Alex. Maybe the ball is already in motion for Hank!

5. Continuity between episodes

Up to this point, every episode has pretty much been broken up into its own subplot, without much flow from one to the next. It’s OK for the episodes to stand alone, but it would also help the series if there is some kind of cliffhanger that makes viewers itch for the next episode to hurry up and get here.

We got some of that crossover for the first time this week, when we came back to find Henshaw kidnapped and Kara still freaking out about Cat calling her out as Supergirl. Maxwell Lord’s story line is starting to heat up as well.

That just didn’t happen in the first half of Season 1.

6. Kara’s backstory

Image: Giphy

Yes, we know that Kara is damaged and feels abandoned by her parents, but we really don’t know that much else about what makes her tick. The show seems to be trying to deepen the pathology behind Supergirl, as evidenced by her outburst while facing her mother’s hologram and the violent showdown with Red Tornado, but it’s coming up short.

They haven’t really given us a glimpse into who Kara is outside some superficial one-liners, so why should we care about her? We somehow know more about Cat and Alex’s life than the main character’s and it doesn’t seem right.

7. James Olsen

James Olsen in Supergirl
Image: Giphy

Just because Mehcad Brooks is, like, really, really hot. Even if his story line is just about getting closer with Lucy Lane, I’m cool with it as long as I can see him flash that cutie-patootie smile and walk his broad shoulders across my TV screen for a good portion of my Monday night.

What are some other things you think could help Supergirl step it up a notch? Or do you think it’s perfect the way it is?

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